FUTREX Corporate
Background and Strategy

FUTREX Inc. is a privately held Delaware corporation founded in 1986 and headquartered in North Charleston, SC. FUTREX relocated to the Charleston area in 1995 from Northern Virginia because of the opportunities for project funding and manufacturing resources brought about by the industrialization of the former Charleston Naval Complex.

FUTREX's sole enterprise is the successful development and worldwide commercialization of its promising System 21 transit technology. FUTREX has financed its operations and the development of System 21 to-date through the creative use of Federal grants and loans, and the proceeds from private placements of FUTREX common stock.

The Company is led by a Board of Directors and has built a sound, conservative business strategy, focusing on the carefully planned development of System 21 in distinct phases:

  • Phase I (1971-1994), consisted of research and development, followed by extensive peer review and independent evaluation and validation by leading experts and government-sponsored studies.
  • Phase II, which FUTREX completed on May 31, 1996, involved the successful construction, demonstration and evaluation of a functioning $1.6 million quarter-scale model of System 21 in Charleston, SC.
  • Phase III, will involve the full-scale design, engineering, and integration of System 21s key components. FUTREX and its consortium of leading transportation firms have completed preliminary plans and preparations for this effort.
  • Phase IV, commercial production and installation, will begin when FUTREX obtains contracts and orders, most likely during the final acceptance stages of the first full-scale installation.
  • Phase V, if market demand warrants, will focus on development of a high-speed version of System 21 for the short-haul, intercity rail passenger market. Supported by independent evaluation, FUTREX engineers have concluded that System 21 has high-speed potential of over 100 mph.

System 21's development to date has been overseen by FUTREX's management team, which combines years of transportation and transit experience, rail project management and engineering expertise. To minimize costs while obtaining necessary resources, FUTREX has utilized a Consortium of industry leaders and respected firms such as Battelle Memorial Institute, Charleston Marine Manufacturing Corporation, DMJM+Harris, Gangloff AG, and SYSTRA Consulting, Inc.



Worldwide Interest and Market Potential

As a result of its significant potential and successful development to date, System 21 has generated substantial interest around the world. During its development, the technology has benefited from engineering evaluation and technical validation from a wide spectrum of leading transportation scientists, academics, engineers and potential customers. In response to its international publicity and marketing efforts, the Company has received inquiries from 21 countries around the globe and more than 20 U.S. cities which are seeking more innovative and affordable transit solutions.

The worldwide market demand for new rail or fixed guideway transit is conservatively estimated to be in the range of $100-$120 billion for the ten-year period following System 21s entry into the market. The U.S. segment of this market alone represents $20-$25 billion. The principal customers for System 21 will be public or quasi-public entities including municipal and state governments and transit agencies. FUTREX also expects domestic and international private sector purchases of System 21 due to its affordability, flexibility and performance. System 21 is ideal for urban and suburban transit corridors, feeder networks, airports, university campuses, corporate parks, government and military installations, theme parks and shopping malls.