The System 21 ®

An essential element of FUTREX's strategy is to augment the capabilities of its management team through a consortium approach. To fulfill this strategy FUTREX has assembled a consortium of leading design, engineering, and manufacturing firms to complete the full-scale development of System 21 . This team will perform the engineering, fabrication, construction and testing for development and installation while refining resources for successful worldwide commercialization.

Battelle Memorial Institute
A 7,200 employee independent scientific and engineering firm, Battelle Memorial Institute is one of the most respected international organizations engaged in the development, commercialization and management of technology for both industry and government. Battelle has a focus to serve industry and government through the development of new technologies, products and solutions, while delivering high-quality products and reducing time-to-market. Battelle is also considered to be one of the nation's foremost authorities in rail transit safety, rail dynamics, and structural integrity. Battelle will perform engineering and fabrication of the vehicle suspension and drive train units, conduct test instrumentation and data analysis of guideway and other facilities; and conduct laboratory analysis of safety aspects of System 21 for the first installation.

Charleston Marine Manufacturing Corporation (CMMC)
CMMC is one of FUTREX's manufacturing partners providing capability for the fabrication of System 21's steel guideway, switch, and station components. CMMC's founder and President is Richard K. Gregory, a FUTREX Board Member and former General Dynamics executive who served as General Manager of its Charleston submarine facility from 1989 to 1993. Under Mr. Gregory's leadership, CMMC was successful in winning the master lease of the former Charleston Naval Complex with a business plan focused on converting the defense facility to commercial use with projects like System 21.

DMJM+Harris, (formerly Frederic R. Harris, Inc.) is an internationally prominent engineering firm which has worked in all aspects of planning and engineering for large scale urban and municipal transportation projects. DMJM+Harris is a leader in the planning, engineering and construction management of air, sea, land and rail transportation systems, including airports, ports, bridges and highways, bus and surface transit facilities, downtown people movers and rapid transit systems. Utilizing this expertise, DMJM+Harris participated extensively in the quarter-scale model effort, and will serve on the engineering team for the first System 21 installation, providing assistance with guideway and facility engineering, site preparation, structural foundations and construction management.

SYSTRA Consulting, Inc.
SYSTRA Consulting, Inc. , is the result of the merger of LS Transit Systems, Inc. and Rail Transportation Systems, Inc., coming together to form a 250 employee organization. SYSTRA is a member of the French-owned Groupe SYSTRA organization, with worldwide influence for over 25 years in the planning and design of more than 50 rail and transit systems. SYSTRA is an operations-focused transportation consulting firm which is dedicated to improving passenger and freight mobility and the quality of ground transportation systems. SYSTRA has participated in the improvement and development of American high speed rail corridors, commuter and freight railroads, bus transit systems, rapid transit, light rail, and automated people movers since 1985. SYSTRA will oversee systems integration, acceptance testing, and system safety plan formulation for the System 21 first installation effort.

Gangloff AG.
Gangloff AG. of Bern, Switzerland, one of the oldest and most respected fabricators of mountain funiculars and aerial gondolas, and more recently transit vehicles. Gangloff will be responsible for final engineering, component integration and fabrication of System 21 vehicle shells and interiors. Gangloff will be working closely with Battelle, developers of the vehicle power/suspension modules, and SYSTRA Consulting, the systems integrator.