The System 21® Switch Module

The System 21 Switch Module

Monorails and virtually all of the recent innovative fixed-guideway concepts are mainly used in "shuttle loop" applications and have few prospects for widespread usage as in urban networks. The reason is due primarily to their lack of a simple, compact and reliable switch suitable for two-way traffic. System 21 provides such a switch and more, offering grade separated branching which avoids collisions and interlocking delays.

The figures above and below depict the cornerstone of System 21's approach to grade separated branching, the switch module. A moveable rail section queues the vehicle for either a 15 mph diverging route to a branch line, or a 35 mph main line routing. A 9-foot moveable frog rotates a section of top rail into place to accommodate the outrigger for a main line routing, or a section of bottom rail to accommodate the vehicle's lower drive wheels for a diverging route.


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Grade Separated Branching