The Opportunity – Futrex System 21
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FUTREX has initiated a private offering of its proprietary System 21 technology and all related assets and is seeking expressions of interest from serious, qualified parties.

Contacts should identify their company, firm or other affiliation and should state their interest clearly.  The Company will treat all contacts as confidential communications.

Qualified parties seeking additional information will be provided a Non- Disclosure Agreement (NDA) by the Company.  Upon execution and acceptance of the NDA, Company officials will provide a confidential Information Memorandum on the System 21 Technology and are prepared, as warranted, to engage in discussions, meetings, diligence and negotiations toward a mutually acceptable transaction.

The Company is anticipating a substantial amount of interest in this opportunity and our priority is a clean, straightforward sale of the System 21 technology to a qualified buyer that can enable the technology to realize its full potential.

If you are interested in taking ownership of this revolution in transportation technology, please contact:

Byron E. Waldman

James M. Tuten
Vice President – Engineering

Contact FUTREX at